ProLight Dressyr Sadel

SEK 65,000.00

Inkl. 25% Moms

The ProLight is one of the most exquisite dressage saddles in our industry-changing
Bi-NateLine ™.

This saddle model is lightweight, providing an extreme close feel to the horse with our soft-ride seat and an extra narrow twist. It also features Schleese’s innovative shoulder relief cut-back panel to provide the best shoulder freedom in the industry. Our adjustable Lightweight-Split AdapTree can be adjusted on an ongoing basis to your horse and to any future horse(s). The ProLight also features our revolutionary PSI panel system to maximize the saddle’s weight bearing surface area throughout the length of the panel with the lowest pressure per square inch of any English saddle.
See our PSI Panel System (patent pending) information. With two seat depth options, we are able to accommodate the majority of riders. Our ProLight saddle has been tested by many top trainers, resulting in recurring comments such as “this is the closest and softest saddle I have ever ridden in”. Try it for yourself, you and your horse won’t be disappointed!

“This is the most amazing saddle I have ever ridden in! It provides maximum freedom of motion and comfort
for the horse, super balance, comfort and position for the rider. It is light in weight and I love the look.
Well done Schleese!” … Jaimey Irwin, ON
“The new ProLight saddle is fantastic; I am using it on four horses here and they all are going great with it.”
… Jeff Lindberg, NY

Weight17.0 lbs

SEAT:Web Tree with two seat curve options, Soft-Ride standard 11 cm depth cup seat, ‘PUSH’ from Behind option available.

TWIST:Adaptable (flexing) extra narrow twist, allows the rider to give quicker and sharper aids to the horse.

BILLET SYSTEM:The adjustable V-Webbing billet system allows for correct billet alignment and equal pull throughout the length of the tree, Variations of billet styles are available – please inquire.

FEMALE and MALE DESIGN AVAILABLE Seat designed for the Female or Male Pelvic Axis.
SEAT SIZES16.5″, 17.0″, 17.5″, 18.0″

PANELR:evolutionary PSI Panel with shoulder relief is standard (no options)

FLAP:Standard Mono Flap, Double flap is optional

THIGH BLOCK.SInternal adjustable, External, Custom Shaped ($495)

LEATHER:Premium European Soft Leather, German $150, Buffalo $150

COLOUR:Black, Brown (Light Havana), 2-Tone Black & Brown of choice $295

OPTIONSX-Extended Stirrup Bars, Additional D-Rings, Custom Thigh Rolls, Alternate Panel Type, Flap Length

GLAMOUR OPTIONSVisit our Glamour Options Chart for a variety of stunning choices some of which include shaped back roll, colour welting and/or stitching, tooled half moon on cantle and crystal decorations for an additional cost.

Heike Kemmer Provar ProLight

Schleese sadlar måttbeställs helt efter dina mått för optimal balans och sits.
Sadeln justeras i bredd, vinkel och stoppas efter hästen för perfekt rörelsefrihet.
Sadeln kan pressas om oändligt antal gånger efter hand hästen växer/musklar sig, eller om du byter häst.

Ta kontakt med Ulrika för att boka en sadelutprovning.

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