Protechmasta Infrared Nack stycke

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Masta's terapi pad hjälper till att lindra muskelspänning och känslighet bakom öronen och över nacken. Den använder långt infraröd teknik för att försiktigt öka blodflödet till muskler och nerver som är spända . Det speciella luftflödesneopren är andningsskyddande och erbjuder skydd, komfort och tryckfördelning, medan airmesh snabbt och effektivt släpper bort fukt. De lättanvända fästningarna säkerställer att den sitter ordentligt under nackstycket och kan fästas på plats.

Protechmasta Testimonials
FEI Veterinary Delegate and consultant for NFU Equine Insurance – Ieuan Pritchard
“All horses showed a marked improvement – they were much more relaxed and became less tense and stressed after wearing the Protechmasta Rug. The rug definitely helps muscle spasms, which will in turn reduce pain – it will help a horse be less tense and relax their muscles so they become ready to work properly without being stressed and knotted. In addition it helps after work –  reducing inflammation of muscles which would have long term benefits. I really like this rug, it’s light, easily portable and I hope it’s affordable for the majority. It compliments the horses wellbeing and other treatment it’s receiving such as physio. I really like the fact that it is easily transferred from one horse to another, when they are in the stable and the owner can get on with other jobs, so helping the time poor owner”.
Olympic Eventer and Course Designer – Ian Stark OBE
“The improvement was incredible. There was an immediate improvement on a  young horse that was always a bit back up when starting”
International Grand Prix Dressage Rider – Alice Oppenheimer
“Bracken uses the rug every day, when she comes in from the field after exercise. She has suffered in the past from muscle stiffness, this has significantly improved since using Protechmasta”.

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