Schleese Hopp Sadel Eventer II

SEK 65,000.00

Inkl. 25% Moms

The Eventer II is a high-tech version of an old favourite. One of our most popular models from the past has come back to life after having blended with Schleese’ current award-winning technology and a bit of a facelift. Finally, a serious eventing saddle featuring our revolutionary new PSI Panel System information (patent pending), extreme shoulder relief, a wide gullet channel and standard extra forward flap, narrow twist and extra soft seat.

This saddle is available in three flap angles and three flap lengths independently to allow for perfect leg positioning and optimum security in the saddle. The Eventer II also plays to your adventurous eventer side being offered in a wide variety of customizable options to make it your own.

WEIGHT13.5 lbs
LEATHER Premium European Soft Leather
COLOUR Chestnut (Standard), Black, Brown, Cognac (Caramel), 2 Toned Custom Colour Choices.
STITCHING COLOUR Beige (Standard), Blue, Red, See Glamour Options
WELTING COLOUR Beige (Standard), Blue, Red, See Glamour Options
SEAT SIZES 16.5″, 17.0″, 17.5″, 18.0″
TWIST The narrow twist allows the rider’s leg to fall and hang naturally with close contact.
STIRRUP BARJumper Short, Jumper Extended
FLAP Mono-Flap XC available with Average, Forward, Extra Forward Flap angles
PANEL Standard ‘PSI’ panel with shoulder relief allows complete freedom of movement for horses with big shoulders, comes with LightFlight panel wedge.
BILLET SYSTEM Long Monoflap billets
THIGH & CALF BLOCKS Integrated external thigh and calf blocks.
GLAMOUR OPTIONS Choice of stitching and welting colours along with a number of other exciting options.

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