3 Days Specialty Workshop Founder 29 April-1 Maj

11 februari, 2022

Workshop OverviewPresented by : KC La Pierre,  Founder of the Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry.

The objective of this workshop is to expose the horse owner, farrier/hoof care provider , veterinarian and veterinary technicians to the latest research used in the development of the theories and models used in the practice of Applied Equine Podiatry (AEP).AEP is a science-based approach to Holistic Hoof Care. 

This course will present  the knowledge needed to make informed intelligent decisions concerning the treatment of the equine hoof.The course provides the farrier and veterinarian with new knowledge and insight necessary to support their client's wishes to share in the responsibility of hoof care, and do so  in a more holistic manner.

AEP should be viewed as an added tool or resource for today’s hoof care professional. The hoof care industry is evolving and the information this course provides will help professionals keep pace with that change. You may elect to audit or participate. Participants may elect to participate in the wet lab.  Wet lab will include hands-on training in the use of the Dynamic Balance Hoof Level. Also, Negative Palmar Angle syndrome and deformed hoof syndrome will be discussed with demonstrations on how to treat these disorders.

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KC La Pierre

Course with wet lab Cost $495.00 Includes product samples for practice.

Anmälan till kursen: Calendar – Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry

Kursplats: Girsta 1, 73193 Köping

Datum 29 April till den 1 Maj

Boende finns på Tängsta Gård ca 8 min från Kursplats. Kontakta Linda för att boka boende på linda.preinfalk@hotmail.com


Kontakt; Ulrika Söderberg info@equikraft.se 073-3166325
Linda Preinfalk Berggren linda.preinfalk@gmail.com 070-7503720
eller direkt till Robyn La Pierre: baremysole@yahoo.com


Telefontider: Må–On 09.00–10:30
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